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Coupon Active but payment not made

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I have entered the coupon code it is active also but still I am told that payment is not made and ad disapproved

Re: Coupon Active but payment not made

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Hi Muddasir,


Welcome to the AdWords Community!


Would you mind sharing with me the terms and conditions of your coupon?


From my experience the coupons Google provide usually have an offer such as "We'll match your spend up to $X" or "Spend $X and get $X free" and this must be spent after the voucher has been applied.


With regard to your ad being disapproved - Have you checked the diagnostics for that ad? You can find this by hovering over a little speech bubble in the 'status' column next to your advert (shown below: adverts are blurry to protect my client's privacy).




This will normally give you a reason why your advert has been disapproved, or why it isn't running.




Anyway i hope that helps and please feel free to post back if you would like help with anything.



All the best,