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Cost Of Ad

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Dear Sir,


I'm new her and i want to know more about adword.


i've just created an ad. but not submitted any billing details. because i want to know how much you will charge from me for the ad. 

If i enter the billing details, howmuch you collect from my bank??


help please


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September 2015

Re: Cost Of Ad

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Hi ABOO - R,

In CPC model you will be charged only when someone click on your ad & in CPM model you will be charged when your ad gets thousand impressions.the cost of each click depends on the keywords max cpc bid that you set for your keywords.


There are two payments options are available in AdWords : Prepay & Postpay.
For more details please visit the page

Re: Cost Of Ad

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Hello Aboo,

It is based on the model you select. You can select either CPC model, where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, OR you can select CPM model where you will be charged when your ad gets thousand impressions. To decide which model, I may request you to let us know your business goal.

For eg if you re looking to drive more traffic, then you can go with CPC or if you want you ad to show maximum number of peoples no matter the traffic, please go ahead with CPM.

Gokuldas K