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Contact team re: credit not activated

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I just set up a new adwords account and chose manual payments, i continued to use a promo code I got in my PC magazine for £50 of free advertising. It recognised the code but then when I set up my ad I had been told no payments had been made and attempting to use the code again just told me that it had already been redeemed. When I click help centre/contact the formatting on the page goes strange and I connot access the live chat, can someone provide an email address etc...

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Re: Contact team re: credit not activated

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tunes out there was something horribly wrong with chrome, IE worked for me

Re: Contact team re: credit not activated

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Hey Tommcq97


Don't panic..As you mention that the promo code got accepted but the credit hasn't been received yet by you..The promo code must have come with terms and conditions...Did you read them??


There are certain codes which check the account for certain requirements...Often these requirements are minimum spending requirements which imply that the credit will automatically be transferred once you spend a "certain" amount.


Also the credit is not applied instantly (assuming its not been long you have entered it)..If you stay patient you might see it in your account.


You can contact your local help center by following the "help center" link at the left hand side in your adwords account.

Re: Contact team re: credit not activated

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Hi Tommcq97,


Welcome to the Community!


Have you entered actual billing information yet?  That will be needed before anything can proceed.


You can find out more information about Promotional Coupons/Vouchers below.


Here are a couple of resources for you to look into promotional vouchers a little further:


Promotional codes policy -


How to redeem a promotion code -

Troubleshoot a promotional code -

Gopa talks about promotional credits -


You can also Contact AdWords Support via the button at the top right of the screen here as well.


Hope this helps!




Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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