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I hit promote on my youtube video it says how much pay a day i put 5.25 (the minimum) then it takes me to adwords it shows my video as campaign 1 and says eligible on all the adds accept the stream one and it says my budget is 0.75 a day but i gave them no billing informationand it says my video will start being adverrtised in 4 hours but then sometimes it says your adds may not be running becuase you need to make a payment minimum 10.00$ so if i pay the 10 will it start working or what please help i really wanna get the hang of this

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September 2015

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You need to submit billing information with any adwords campaign / tv ads in order for ads to run. Even if you have a free voucher for clicks - ads won't show unless there's a valid billing method.


Let me know once you've done this and if you have any further questions. My advice is to make sure you fully understand what it is you are paying for and how it works before spending any money.


Good luck.

Jack Porter-Smith
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