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Confused about account approved, but not active

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I too have received the email - twice. Same situation as you only we never entered billing information but we were stilled asked to re-apply.

It is going on a month since we were approved nad set up the account and we get the same "approved but not active - enter billing information." I was told this would take some time to be activated, but after a month, I am thinking that I did not do something that should have been done.


How does a non-profit activate the account?

Re: Confused about account approved, but not active

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Hello Caroline,


I assume that you are reffering to the setup for Adwords for non-profit organisations.


As i've read the dedicated non-profit help page, i found out that you must ignore these automatic messages , as covered in this article


They also say here that if your account doesn't get activated in 30 days, you should contact their call-center


by using this link


Please come back and let us know if this solution works for you.