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Close and Refund

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Close this AdWords account and send me a check as it has been well past Visa/MasterCard refund limits.  I hope to work this out without having to result to other means to collect my $25 deposit.  It's the principal.


Will you send me a check, or not.  Are you going to pull some corporate 'crap' here and try to withhold funds you are holding paid by me that were never spent?


Let me know how we can resolve this.  You cannot refund the card as it has been too long and those accounts are well past closed.  If I do not hear from you I will consider other avenues to get attention to this situation which will involve the Federal Trade Commission, State Attorney General's Office where you are located.


What can we do here?

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September 2015

Re: Close and Refund

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Call 1-866-2GOOGLE - there is very little that can be done from here.

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Re: Close and Refund

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It has been around half a year for me with a much bigger sum, and to this day the problem remains unsolved:

I don't think they'll be returning your money any time soon. If you, however DO manage to get your money back, please post to say how you did it.