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Click fraud?

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Can Google see the difference between a click on my ad from a search or if someone click on the link somewhere else? Like in a forum or email? 

Or what if the link is without the www and http so people have to copy and paste it in the browser? Will Google notice that it still comes from a forum spam and not a genuine potential customer?
I fear that competitors could send out my ad-link so that Google will charge for fake clicks. 

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Re: Click fraud?

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Hello fopa,


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Click fraud is something which Google takes care for it's advertisers very seriously and you will find tons of threads answering the same question here.


Google takes care of each and every click happening through Adwords and make sure to provide the genuine clicks data to the advertisers. Still if they find any invalid click activity happening inside the account, they credit the amount back into advertiser's account. 


You can also look at this data in your account by customizing the columns and selecting Invalid clicks from performance metrics.


I would suggest you read this article which explains how Google protects the advertisers from invalid clicks.


Let us know if that helps!


Re: Click fraud?

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Also, take a look at this post:


That's from the blog of a Googler who works on the organic side but the topic is tracking clicks from paid ads.  It's an old post, but the ideas are still valid today.

Re: Click fraud?

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> Can Google see the difference between a click on my ad from a search or if someone

> click on the link somewhere else? Like in a forum or email? 


I think you may not fully understand how browsers work when someone clicks on a link.  When a user clicks on a link to your site in a forum or email, Google AdWords does not know about that at all.  The user's browser sends a request directly to your web site, and Google is not involved at all.


When someone clicks on your AdWords ad on a search result page (or on an AdSense site), things work differently.  The links in the ads actually point to one of Google's servers.  That server records the click and then sends a message back to the browser telling it to go to your site instead.  That only works because we control the search result page and can put that "click tracking" link in the ad.


Even if we wanted to, we would have no way to do that tracking for links on random web pages, forums, or emails.  (Unless the pages included AdWords ads, of course.)


Though it doesn't apply directly to your question, Pankaj is correct.  We take click fraud seriously and have good systems in place to detect it and credit the costs of those clicks back to advertisers.



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Re: Click fraud?

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On the same case, how can we reactive google adword account?? Kindly