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Question when I advertise on Facebook I can adjust the amount for the click amount.  I don't see that I am able to do this on Google AdWords - or can I?  My click rate is set at $1.25.  Can I adjust or change it?  Please advise - thanks!

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Re: Click Rate

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Hi Jeri and welcome to the forum.  Are you using Adwords Express of the standard Adwords product?  With Adwords, the amount you pay per click is known as the CPC (Cost Per Click) and you set a maximum amount for any click which can be adjusted to whatever value you want.  You can read more about this here.


Adwords Express offers only a very limited number of options with the account and is intended primarily for people who want a "setup and go" approach, based purely upon a monthly budget.


If you want greater control over your Advertising, I'd recommend switching to the standard Adwords platform.





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