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Clear red flag message - seems to block the research window... thnx

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Hi, trying to clear the message "Your ads aren't running because your account balance is exhausted. - Please make a payment. Fix it" but it won't go away. I'm not ready to make a payment at this time, but the red banner seems to be messing up the kywrd research tool... condensing the search window... any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. (tried multiple browsers all the same...)


Re: Clear red flag message - seems to block the research window... thn

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Hello Jack,

Hope you are doing well.

Thanks for posting your query on AdWords community. We are happy to help you Smiley Happy.

I understand your point about the notification message. Right now we do not have an option to remove the notification message. I understand that you are not willing to make a payment this time. I would recommend you to ignore the message though I understand it's difficult Smiley Happy.

Hope this helps.