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Charged for much more clicks then shown in the campaign

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The last three months the billing for one of my campaigns more or less tenfolded.

It is a more or less inactive campaign with very few clicks: about 10 a month.

Google started charging me the last three months suddenly for over 100 clicks.

According the campaign view however the number of monthly clicks hasn't gone up and was about 10 clicks monthly.

When calling the toll free number I get a message that they are on vacation and I should see the support section of the Google site. On the Google site the only option for contact is the support forum.

I do not think it should be an issue for a forum, but alas I hope anybody can help me here.


Re: Charged for much more clicks then shown in the campaign

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Hi ,

For billing issue , kindlly contact to Adwords support center follow link:

It is better you should drop a mail to support team for payment and billing issue.