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Changing of invoicing profile

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I would like to ask, when changing the invoice details to different company lets say in the middle of the month, whether already made clicks will be invoiced to new company or to us?


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September 2015

Re: Changing of invoicing profile

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Hi Martina,

The same issue i had with some of my customers that wanted to change company details etc.

The monthly invoice company details depends on another factor.


In adwords there is a payment usualy every 30 days,



If the payment was made in the first 15 days and you still had your company details in the billing profile

the invoice will come out with your details on it.


If the payment was made in the first half or second half of the month but you have changed the billing profile details before the payment happed then 100% no matter which period you changed the billing profile , the invoice will come out with the new company VAT etc etc.


So it matters what billing profile was active when the payment happened .


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George Gemenetzis
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