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Cant verify billing suspension.

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We created an account about a month ago, pre-paid $50 which was successfully charged. Our first campaign was a bust, couldnt get any impressions at all. We got some help from adwords reps who called us. Created a second campaign and it finally got a trickle of traffic. However 48 hours later, we had this red notice about billing. It says if we think its an error click a link a to contact but we get a page not found when we click that. The only issue we can see is the person who created the account used the company address for the credit card rather then the address the bills are sent to but that has never been a problem anywhere else. We want all correspondence to come to our company location, not our employees home. Please refrain with smart alec responses we should get a company credit card, there are internal reasons we don't do that.


Who can help us out with this? 

Re: Cant verify billing suspension.

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Is there written correspondance from google when it comes to adwords advertising? All of our clients set up there own biling, so I'm not certain. As long as any address used for billing purposes matches the address of the credit card used for billing, there shouldn't be a billing issue right?


I could understand if this was adwords express, and you had to verify your places account by mail - Having concerns over which addresses is used... But when does google ever physically mail you anything due to the address of the credit card used for billing?