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Canceling campaign

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I tried to create my first campaign but it came back with an error after I tried to send it. So I started it all over again and it created a 2nd campaign. So now I have 2. #1 & #2. I am trying to cancel #1 but have no way to do it. One of these explanations on here of how to cancel does not work for me. I have clicked settings but I don't have anything that says bidding & budget. Can you tell me how to cancel my first campaign. Thanks

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September 2015

Re: Canceling campaign

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You want to either Pause or Remove ( remove = delete).  Nothing is ever totally deleted in adwords as a reference and can always be seen.  When you REMOVE it now becomes no longer active so no longer has any effect on your Account.  But the "History of that still remains and can be view able in the future


TO DELETE ( ie Remove in Adwords Terminology)


1)Navigate to all Campaigns

2)Click into the Box so a check mark appears next to the Campaign you want to "Remove"

3)Next to the + Campaign Button in RED is the Edit Button

4) Click that edit button so that the drop down box opens, mouse over to "REMOVE" and click it.


The campaign will now be "DELETED",  removed is the new term for Delete.  See Image Below.


PS. The campaign will still show in history and under all campaigns but will not be active or live.  To not see it again click on ALL Campaigns  drop down and change that to ALL Enabled Campaigns and only your live campaigns will show.





This same process is used for all edits, pausing, removing (Delete) and the TIP is the same for hiding all old data throughout keywords, ad groups and campaigns/