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Canceling account and getting refund [management response requested]

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To Management:

I canceled my Google AdWords account on March 15th, 2016.  I was told my credit card would be credited for the remaining balance in the account ($6,260.23).  After waiting for one month, that never occurred.  I was told it was due to "some technical glitch".

After waiting the one-month period, I was then told to complete a wire transfer form instead.  I completed the wire transfer form on April 18th, 2016, and verified with my bank that the correct numbers were submitted.  After waiting for another month, the funds never came through either.  I was also told it was due to "some technical difficulty".

This has been ongoing for over two months, and I no longer have any faith that the person I have been corresponding with knows how to process my refund.  I am now being told to activate my account, submit another payment, and then cancel again -- which makes no sense to me given that my credit card details are already on file.

I want a check issued to me for the remaining balance in my account.  I have tried your electronic methods and they are not working.

Re: Canceling account and getting refund [management response requested]

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Hi Micheal,

It doesn't take such a long time as you said about the refund request. I think it is better if you can call Adwords support and seek their help in using the money which you actually requested for a refund.

They will help you:

Hope This Helps.


Re: Canceling account and getting refund [management response requested]

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I'm telling you that it HAS taken this long to process my refund; I have not received it yet.  I have the full email transcript dating back to March 10, 2016.


Of course I have contacted Google AdWords by telephone but they have not been helpful at all.  I have called daily since last week asking to speak with a manager.  Every time I call, I am told that "he is on a call with another client" and that "he will get back to me by the end of the day".  He/she is never available and I have never received a call back.