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Can you issue the invoices to our company for our expenses again?

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I am from Company X and we helped promote Company Y's Cloud Platform using Google AdWords. We are facing problems trying to claim an expense from Company Y. However, it is pending as Company Y requires 2 things from us:

1. The receipt of the invoices need to be an itemised list showing authorisation from the third-party channels.
2. The invoices should not be issued to a personal name, but instead to the company's name, i.e., Company X

We have problems in both of these areas as they are not accepting the Google invoices that we sent them.

1. The problem with the first invoice we sent to Company Y is:
1) issued to a person, "Person X"
2) the payment description is not itemised. Company Y requires us to give the breakdown of how and where we spent the amount in detail instead of a description such as "Payment amount -- Amount X" 

2. The problem with the second invoice record we sent to Company Y is that our company name is not there. It is itemised, however, Company Y needs an official receipt with the name of our company on it, i.e., Company X 

So, it is possible for you to help us issue these invoices to our company again? Is there any other alternative? 


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Re: Can you issue the invoices to our company for our expenses again?

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Good morning.


I don't believe you'll be able to get an invoice with the name changed.


I suggest that you create your own invoice for your client, including whatever information they require, and attach the Google documentation as back-up.



Google AdWords Top Contributor