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Can't find my account!!!

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I can't figure out what my account is for Google Places / Adwords, and Google will not let me contact them without an account number. I am getting charged $184 per month on my credit card, and there is no other information I have to access or edit my Google Places site.

I can't understand why I can't get a response. I would like to do this the right way, without disputing the credit card charges. I know it is a problem that I lost my account information (none of my regular email accounts work). I have been through Account Recovery with every address I own, none of them are working.


I have sent an email with a shortlink to my Owner-Verified Google Places account to, but I received a response that basically says "Go to the AdWords Help page and follow the Contact Us link.


The links to "Email" Google do not even highlight for activation if you click that you are having login trouble. So "Community" was my only option, and that's why I am clicking here.


Please, someone help me. I run a small business and this is a lot of money for me. 

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Re: Can't find my account!!!

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Hi RightTime_KiDS,


Unfortunately, no one here can access your account for you.


Have you tried calling support directly? I've heard it can be challenging to get through without having an account number.  Do you have any reference numbers on your CC billing statement that have your customer ID on them?


There was a similar thread here recently that was eventually resolved.


Beyond this, you may need to consult the gmail forum here or perhaps one of the Community Managers or Top Contributors can contact someone directly on your behalf?


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Can't find my account!!!

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Google Employee

Hi RightTime_KiDS,


I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time getting into your account. If you pay by credit card, it is likely that your customer ID number will appear on that statement next to your AdWords charges. Once you locate this 10-digit number, please call our support team by clicking on the "Contact AdWords" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


I understand that you have already tried unsuccessfully to log into your AdWords account at with your email addresses and associated passwords. If this was not successful, following password recovery, and if you cannot find your customer ID number on a credit card statement, please search your email inboxes for correspondence from AdWords. Unless you deleted them all, you should have emails from AdWords that will help you identify your customer ID number and email address.


Best regards,