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Can't access to adwords account, keep asking for bank details???

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I have tried to access Google AdWords keywords planner for key words research but each time I try to access it ask to run a campaign and asking for card or bank details. Can I not do it with out running a campaign? do they take  money every month? Please help me guys by answering. Thank you.

Re: Can't access to adwords account, keep asking for bank details???

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
In order to access the "Keyword Planner" you need to have a Active Adwords Account. In order to have an active adwords account you need to Add the Billing information. You will not be charged until your campaigns are active and there are actual "clicks" on your ads.

So add your billing information and then proceed., Again you are only charged when your Ad's are active and "Clicked".. Adwords is a Pay per Click Platform

The Keyword Planner is intended for Advertisers of the platform and not a "free resource" for everyone. Hence you need to activate your account by adding your Billing Information.