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Can any one tell me why im getting calls from California and Georgia? when I live in Michigan?

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Ive had this ad running for months now and the guy that set it up deals with my competition. I am now getting calls from California,Georgia and New York? My bill is 200.00 already this month and I know this is because im being advertised out of Michigan. The guy that set my page up is very good with computers and Im thinking he may have messed with my ad some how because ive never had out of state calls until this month.



any help would be greatly appreciated.... Please!

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September 2015

Re: Can any one tell me why im getting calls from California and Georgia? when I live in Michigan?

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Hi Troy,


Without seeing any details about your account I can only guess...and there is some level of assumption here that these calls are from AdWords...that may or may not be something easily proven, I just don't know.


You'll definitely want to make sure of a few things if you do not want any ads showing outside of Michigan ever. 


1.  That your location targeting is set to target Michigan only.

2.  That your Advanced Location Options are set to:


"Target: People in my targeted location" and

"Exclude: People in my excluded location"


This will only allow your ads to be shown to potential customers that are in Michigan only (people searching for your keywords).


I'm guessing that your ALO's are set differently, which allows folks outside of your target location to see your ads.  These settings are more for advertisers that don't mind this.  A hotel for instance, will have potential customers searching from another nation perhaps for a hotel in Michigan.  In that sense, you would want to use the default setting "Reach: People in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location" allowing potential customers who would be visiting Michigan to book a hotel room from the UK.


Also, as a side note, being good with computers should probably not be how you decide who should be managing your advertising dollars.  A better question would be:  "How well is this person managing my money and my advertising campaigns?" or "Is this person at a minimum Google Certified in AdWords?" 


Just a couple thoughts for you.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Good Luck!





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