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Can I delete an old account and get a new one for promo credit?

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The reason I want to do it is because I think a few years ago I simply for no reason signed up on adwords just for the heck of it. Back then google was coming up with so many new things and I would sign up for everything just to take a look as to what is was.
Now when I really want to test adwords(since they are giving promotional credit and its a great way to see if adwords can really get some quality leads without losing a lot of money) I am not able to take advantage of the promotional credit as it is only for new accounts.

  1. Will I be eligible for promotional credit.(I don't think I have every run a campaign in my old account)
  2. If I do what I found(That is making another email as the adming and then deleting th primary one) here on the groups to delete my old and get a new account will I be eligible for promotional credit
  3. If I do no 2. and get promotional credit I hope it is legit. Will google ban my account? Is it against google policy?

    Thank you
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Re: Can I delete an old account and get a new one for promo credit?

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I wouldn't recommend that. Indeed,  $75 dollars  is an incentive!  However, technically the account is not deleted. It  can be reactivated any time. You  will need a new Google account for that.  If by mistake, you reactivate the old account, and these two account will run  campaigns simultaneously  - you will be suspended. 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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