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Campaigns Not Listed

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I'm in Adwords in the "Campaigns" tab.  No campaigns are listed although i have two, one in Google local and one in Google +.  I am logged into the right account because the customer ID # is the same as whait is on my bank statement.  Why are my campaigns not listed?  Thanks.

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Re: Campaigns Not Listed

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Hi Kim,
First of all, what do you mean by one in Google local and one in Google+?
AdWords doesn't have the ability to display ads in Google local or on Google+
Can you post a screenshot of where your ads are displaying?
Ads can display on Google maps which might be the case, but not on Google+

If you're sure, are your campaigns paused or deleted? Or in any way not live?
It sounds like this may be the case.

If you go to your campaigns tab in the web interface, just below the tab, you'll see a dropdown. If you select "all" from that dropdown you should be able to see your campaigns (if you have actually got some AdWords campaigns.

Let me know and we can investigate further.