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CPM Payment

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Hi there,


i got a simple question regarding cpm payment. I didn't really understand when i am charged in a cpm model.

does it work like this?

1-1000 impressions -> charged 1k

1001 -2000 impressions charged for 1k

2001 - 2500 impressions -> charged for another 1k?


or am i only charged if i reach 1000 impressions

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Re: CPM Payment

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Hi Frank,


In case of CPM bidding model, whatever max CPM you have set, you will be charged according to that once you reach a set of 1000 impressions. As per Google's reference (


  • CPM stands for cost-per-thousand impressions, so you pay for each set of a thousand views of your ad. You set CPM bids to tell Google how much you're willing to pay for that set of impressions.

So you will be charged once you reach 1000 impressions.



Re: CPM Payment

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Hi Pankaj,


thanks for your answer. I thought that it would work this way. but was not sure. One last thing that comes to my mind is cpm in a monthly invoice. If i have a monthly invoice and let's say i got 20893398 impressions for the entire month. My guess is that i will be charged for 20893000 impressions and the other 398 will be taken to the next month, right? Or is google so kind and gifts them to me?


Thanks in advance Smiley Wink