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CPC is Getting Very Much Higher

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 Hi All,

I am very much worried about the increasing cost of clicks of my Adwords campaign. The CPC is getting higher and higher every day. I am now paying more than the suggested bid while many of my ads are having quality scores like 8, 9 and 10 also. But still I am paying much more than the suggested bid.

Previously the per day budget was Rs.1000.00. Later I had changed it to Rs.1500.00 but that's not enough. Again I had to raised it to Rs.2000.00 still the per day is not enough to run my campaign till day end. As a result my conversions are getting effected very badly.

But now, it is not possible for me to invest more money on this campaign. Because the per day expenses are going out of my budget. 


I would request you to kindly help and provide a solution.


Thanks and Regards,


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Re: CPC is Getting Very Much Higher

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Did you make any changes to your account in the past leading to increased CPC. That could be related to introduction of more keywords, changing match types etc....


Have you seen any drop in the CTR?


There is a possibility that you added more keywords and your daily budget which was earlier accumulating the set of keywords is now not enough and requires more spend.


Also look at the Search Terms and see if you are getting relevant traffic and  if its the unwanted traffic which is leading to this situation.



Re: CPC is Getting Very Much Higher

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Hi Pankaj,


There is no drop in CTR till now. In fact, after adding some negative keywords to the campaign, the CTR has increased a lot and of-course I am regularly in touch with the Adwords search term reports.


I didn't made any changes to the campaign like, addition of keywords or match types of keywords but I only  created a new campaign and ad groups to target some additonal areas. I have just increased the bidding of the keywords that I have targeted because my ad position was not being shown in the top list.


Please help....