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Bug in MCC Monthly Budget Entry

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The agency I work with has an MCC adwords account where we manage hundreds of client accounts. Billing was set up so that each client can have their own monthly budget that is entered in a 'Manage Budgets' page. 


Sometimes (about 50% of the time) instead of directing to the Manage Budgets page that I need to get to to enter an account's budget, I get directed straight to a 'Billing Summary' page that details our entire MCC's bills. When this happens, we literally get stuck on that page every time we attempt to access our 'Manage Budgets' page. It can be 10 minutes before the problem goes away.


It sounds small, but when our entire agency experiences this same problem and we need to be managing monthly budgets all day long, it becomes a major hindrance. 


Thanks for any help any of you can provide.

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Re: Bug in MCC Monthly Budget Entry

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I am not entirely sure I understand the problem you are facing., Surely we (or a specialist ) need(s) to see it in order to understand. Have you tried calling Google customer service?

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