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Hi I'm looking for contact details other than the phone number in regards to billing. 

I turned off my only campaign and words associated with this but have still been billed for this period?





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Hi @Nicola R,


You can check billing details on the daily basis in the Billing and payment tab using settings cog.


To contact AdWords support team, you can use help tab using the settings cog. There you will find all the support type(live chat, email, phone) available for you.

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Hi Nicola,


As correctly said by "Archit", you can go to the billing settings at the top or click on the gear icon to your top right corner and select billing and payments. Go to the settings tab wherein you can see all the billing related information along with the primary contact details related to that account.


Also, the reason you getting charged for the period when you do not have active campaigns might be because of the your AdWords payment method. Please refer below:


Automatic payments:

A payment setting in which advertising costs that you've accrued in your AdWords account are automatically charged to your payment method.

1. You're charged only after you've accrued advertising costs.
2. You'll be billed either 30 days after your last payment, or whenever your costs reach your billing threshold (the set amount that triggers a bill).


In the above mentioned second case you will be charged irrespective of your account status.


I hope this helps.