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Billing with adwords API

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I want to implement system where my site members can use Google adwords feature to market their products. 
For this, I want to keep billing part upto them that where they can decide to pay directly Google by adding billing information in their Google adwords account or they can pay directly to merchant where he can link up these members account to MDS (Manager Defined Spend) in his MCC account and pay for them.
My queries are:
  1. While adding the client, can I link up members email address in MDS (Manager Defined Spend) for monthly invoice using api ?
  2. Can I create managed account for those members how don't have any google adwords account. My purpose is to provide whole functionality of adding campaign, ads, keywords, budgeting in my application. May be my clients don't aware about google adwords, but they can easily manage the things at my site. Is it possible ?
Please provide detailed information. 

Re: Billing with adwords API

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Any idea guys ?