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Billing problem

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I've noticed that the campaign that ran has spent £59 over to what was actually put in via the manual payment, however the when I go to billing it's still saying there is £46.32 left to spend. I initially put £750 in, but it's spent £809 on the campaign. I only ever wanted to spend £750, so I can't understand how it's run over that much and why it hasn't updated properly in the billing information.


Please can you help, as I'd like to set up another campaign soon and would like this to be sorted before i start a new one.




Re: Billing problem

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Community Manager
Hi Andy,

What daily budget did you have set for the campaign? And how much did it exceed this amount in a day's time?

Also, the served cost you see on the Campaigns tab might differ from what you actually pay. Sometimes if it serves over the 20% allowed with overdelivery (more on what that is here, then the Campaigns tab will show the amount served, but the billing tab shows less, which is what you actually paid.

Hope that helps a little!