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Billing: new credit card expiry requires re-enabling 3 times so far?

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My new credit card has the same number as the old one, just has a new expiry. These details have been updated in my billing settings, but I keep getting Google Adwords emails saying my ads are not running and I need to re-enable the credit card. I have done this 3 or 4 times now. 

Is there a way to stop having to re-enable this?


Re: Billing: new credit card expiry requires re-enabling 3 times so fa

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HI there


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


Did you edit the form of payment or add it as a new payment form? You may want to read edit form of payment information in the link below and also the "keep in mind" information to make sure that you have followed the guideline as there are rules on whether it should be an edit or a new form of payment depending on the information you are changing.


Have you followed all of the steps outlined in Enter or update your form of payment > Re enable form of payment? (scroll to bottom of page for steps)


If you have checked all of the above and you are still receiving these messages, I suggest that you contact AdWords support via the help link within your account, or call one of the worldwide support phone numbers to discuss why you are still receiving the messages. 


I hope this helps


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