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Billing issues

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In February i spoke with Google Adwords to set up an Adwords account for work. I told the rep on the phone that I had a $250 pre-loaded Visa Debit card to use and when the funds run out i want my ad to stop because this is all that's on the card. He said no problem, once the card value is depleted, my Ad campaign is over. 

Today i received an email stating that i owe $146.85 for Ads that continued to run. I called Google and the rep said there is nothing he can do at all AND he see's my balance at $205! I explained to 3 different people at Google that when i set up my account i stressed that all i have to spend is the $250 on the card and was assured that once its gone, my Ads will stop and i would owe nothing since they will not run anymore.


I cannot get any help from anyone at Google. Please help!! Thank you in advance.

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Billing issues

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Hi Mark,


Unfortunately, ads do not stop when money on a prepaid Visa card is depleted. Ads stop when they are manually paused by the account holder or scheduling is set up to pause the campaign on a set date.


Since you are the account owner and agreed to the terms and conditions that state services will be provided and charged... it is a services rendered and services owed situation. Please note that I am not a Google employee and no one here can access your account or supersede what Google AdWords does or does not do.


You will have roughly 60 days to pay and then you will start getting collection notices for about 30 days and then your credit score could be affected for many years. Because of this, I would suggest pausing all campaigns, start throwing money at your account each payday and plan to have it paid off within 60 days. And I would suggest you go through the process of cancelling your account, since I assume you do not wish to use it any longer.    


All the Best,



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