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Billing issue

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I have three questions about the billing process:


1. I received the credit card bill but I do not know if the taxes are included or not.


2. I am not sure what is the period of time the credit card company is charging.


3. I queried in an specific time period the cost of the campaign. On the other side, I requested the bill of the same time period. However the amounts are not the same. Is that normal?


Thanks in advance for your support!

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November 2015

Re: Billing issue

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Hi Natalie,


  1. Its inclusive of adwords taxes. Your taxes have already been deducted which you can check in adwords billing tab also.

2.  reference


3. Your charged amount might be current cost + outstanding balance.

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Re: Billing issue

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Hi Natalie, how are things?

Just to add something on the billing part. Check this article for further help on when you'll be charged depending on your payment method:

Hope this helps.

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