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Billing alert notivications

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I would like to be notified when my AdWords budget is running low. The description of the Billing notification says that through it I can "Find out about budget and billing issues, like budgets that are running out." But how low exactly does my budget have to be for the notification to fire? Will it notify me when there are 15%, 10%, 5% (or any other percentige) left?


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Re: Billing alert notivications

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Hi Juris B,

You can use automated rules to trigger emails when certain conditions occur. For example, let's say that you have a campaign with a daily budget of $100. You can set an automated rule to run at noon every day to email you if you’ve spent more than $50 so far that day. Upon receiving the email alert, you can then choose whether you want to increase your budget so as not to throttle your campaign for the rest of the day.

To create a rule that sends an email if specific campaigns have accrued more than $50 in cost by 12 p.m.:

1. Click All online campaigns in the left panel of your AdWords account.
2. From the list of campaigns below, check any that you want to monitor with this rule.
3. From the Automate button drop-down button above your campaign details, select Send email when...
4. In the "Apply to" section, choose Selected campaigns.
5. In the “Requirements” section, enter Cost > $50.
6. Set the Frequency to Daily 12 PM using data from the Same day.
7. Name your rule and click Save.

I hope that helps!