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Billing address doesn't match country/region specified in offer detail

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Whilst trying to apply a promotional code or incentive code in your AdWords account, you may get this error -- Your billing address doesn't match the country or region specified in the offer details.


What does this mean?

This essentially means that the country or region for which the code is eligible for doesn’t match the billing country of the account to which this is being applied to.


What’s the eligible country for this code?

This would be mentioned in the Eligibility Criteria of the Incentive Code


What’s the billing country of my account?

Billing country is the country mentioned in your billing address (i.e. the location of the financial institution issuing the credit card/mode of payment you’re using)




What can you do to fix this? And can you get a replacement code instead?


Typically, promotional codes are given out directly by Google or third party providers. Getting a replacement code varies depending on who issued you the code:


-Did Google email you the code? Google typically emails advertisers directly with the promotional code. If your code was emailed to you, all you need to do is contact us with a screenshot of the promotional code that you received, highlighting the country on the code.


-Received the code via a 3rd Party? In this case, it’s best to contact the third party directly and have them issue a replacement code that’s applicable for your account.

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