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Billing Unavailable

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My company has 2 separate Google AdWords accounts. In one account I can view the billing information without any problems. When I log in to the 2nd account I get a "Billing Unavailable" error. This error has been happening since at least last week. Anyone have any idea when it will be resolved?


The 2nd account doesn't have automatic payments (the 1st account does) so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. I'm looking to add Automatic Payments to the 2nd account, is there a way I can do this now or will I have to wait for Google to resolve the "Billing Unavailable" issue?





Re: Billing Unavailable

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Hi peter,


Did you try to contact AdWords Support group regarding this problem? I guess this may be a temporary problem but I would suggest you to contact Adwords support group.




Anand Vishwakarma