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Billing Questions

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I am new to AdWords and do not find it very easy to grasp every concept so please bear with me:


I set up a prepay payment of 10$ for a Youtube video campaign. AdWords then suggested a 2 week runtime with ~0,71$ daily budget. I know that the daily budget can be superceeded by 20% but does this mean I will only get charged 10$ in the end of the 2 weeks? I am just a bit careful not being overcharged, because I was amazed getting 10k views and only being charged 70 cents for it. Am I right in thinking that this could be because the video has to be watched at least 30 seconds so I get charged?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Billing Questions

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No, you will be charged 0,71$ a day if you set your daily budget to 0,71$. That can be superceded for 20%.
But in 30 days you can be charged 40% more than is your daily budget.
You are billed after every click and your budget gets lower and lower.
And as for length of viewed video and charging for advertisement, that depends on your advertisement method.