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Billing Not Entered

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Really? How long has this situation been a major problem? I count over a year and still growing! I advertise in a lot of different venues/markets but have never encountered a company who refuses to accept revenue. Though the greater problem, in my opinion, is the inability to resolve the issue. This is NOT Google's finest hour - or should I say year. I will try a little longer to resolve this myself, if not, I will simply cancel it all. Also, their business hours to contact them are not open to me - It is by e-mail or not at all - SW

Re: Billing Not Entered

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Stephen,

Can you explain your issue and we can try to help you resolve it?

Also, just wanted to make sure you knew we had phone support for various markets around the world (numbers here You can certainly email us too, but I just wanted you to know you had support options beyond email. Depending on where you're located, you might also be able to use chat support. This page lists all our support channels: