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Billing Issues Weekly with Adwords

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So our company is new and is spending over $100,000 a month in adwords.


Since we are new google is not allowing us to do post invoicing and will not up our $500 debit threshold. 


So google debits our account daily, but the balance keeps going up, and then all of a sudden googles system shuts our ads down until the entire balance is paid.


Our bank only allows a daily limit of $10,000, google should be doing daily debits of 3-5k daily, but they system doesnt work that way and every week our ads are shut down, we cant speak to a billing team member, and this has become a weekly issue.


Does anyone have any suggestions? or another advertising platform? I honestly would expect with a $140,000 monthly spend limit and this continuous problem that google ad team would understand and accomidate or make adjustments but only the billing team can help.


Just hurts our business being a googles mercy like this and them having the ability to turn off the ads whenever, it happened this morning, alittle while later we were up, and then a few hours later our ads are down

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Re: Billing Issues Weekly with Adwords

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My suggestion would be to get in touch with your Google rep, if you have any. Otherwise, if you meet the pre-requisites of monthly invoice, you can directly get in touch with AdWords support and they can proceed further with your request. See this troubleshooter for more details:-


Re: Billing Issues Weekly with Adwords

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Hey yousuf,

I believe the solution to this is very simply. Login into your adwords account, and make payment manually of 10000 USD and then the balance of Google billing will not cross the threshold. In this way, your ads will not face any interruption.

I believe this is quite simply and easy solution. Because until, the threshold is not increase by google, this is likely to happen, if billing balance crosses the threshold.

Let me know if you require any help from my.. I am Adwords certified partner with 8 years of experience..

Thank you,
Jack A

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