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Billing Information

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I have a doubt on billing!!

This was my first Campaign and i am not much aware of the billing terms


* Day before yesterday i started with the Max daily Budget of 15 AED

and by not knowing much about that i calculated each keyword i use that cost like,which i reached upto total amount of 77.45 AED (counting all the cost of each keyword)

and i paid with Visa Card, that information has saved in the Billing settings.

the billing shows Debits 15.64 and Balance amount 61.81 AED


* Yesterday i have made my same campaign daily max.budget as 30 AED from Change bid strategy.

i dont know actually how to make it to 30AED. Without knowing again i went to billing -Make Payment - They told me to enter the decide amount, i entered 30, but it shows 40 AED min. i just make it as 40 as i am using 30 AED Budget.

As you see my situation let me know how much money does google taken from my Account ??? and let me know how the billing works normally?


Thanks in Advance

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Re: Billing Information

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Hi Thahseer,

I would suggest you do some study work about AdWords before you start trying various options and accruing costs in ways you do not understand. Find a basic AdWords tutorial and please also go thru this thread:

*** Billing FAQs ***

Otherwise, AdWords Billing should be working as statements from a bank account just that some delays may be experienced based on your location and currency.


Re: Billing Information

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will the same previous daily budget continues if i didnt operate with Adwords next day ?

Re: Billing Information

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Negative. Even if you cannot deplete your daily budget, the counter gets reset to zero when a new day begins. However, the value proper you did set for the daily budget will remain valid till you change it. - Lakatos