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Billing Info On MCC

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Does anybody know if i can have different billing information for each client i create on my MCC account?





Re: Billing Info On MCC

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Hi Sarah,


Yes, you can add different billing info per client account created within MCC. As a best practice, it is always recommended to manage billing information from the client part. I assume you have created a new account from MCC (based on your question), clients can still access the billing information provided that their email address has been given Admin access by you. Read more about Account Access here


If you are having large number of client accounts, it is always better to use consolidated billing. If you are not eligible for Consolidated Billing, you can use Manager Defined Spend (MDS). With MDS, you can add funds to your MCC and later distribute the same among your client accounts. Both consolidated billing and MDS has eligibility criteria as well.



Shafi Ahamed