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Billing FAQs

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When setting up your payment information for AdWords, there are two things to keep in mind: Your payment setting and your payment method.

  • How you pay (payment setting): This is how you make your payments.
  • Your payment method: This is what you use to pay your bills, such as credit or debit card.


What are the different ways that I can pay for my AdWords Account?

Automatic payments is a setting in which advertising costs that you've accrued in your AdWords account are automatically charged to your payment method. You're charged only after you've accrued advertising costs. You'll be billed either 30 days after your last payment, or whenever your costs reach your billing threshold (the set amount that triggers a bill).


Monthly invoicing is a payment setting in which Google extends a line of credit to you for your advertising costs, and you receive an invoice each month that you pay by check or wire transfer. You make payments according to the terms and conditions that you agree to when you enroll in monthly invoicing.

Typically, this payment setting is used by large advertisers and businesses -- an ad agency, for example, that manages their clients' AdWords accounts.

What are the different payment methods that I can choose to use for my AdWords Account?

Generally, we recommend that you use a major Credit or Debit card, or Bank Account (via Direct Debit) to pay for your AdWords Account.


Payment options (and minimum payment amounts) vary according to the currency you use, the location of your billing address, and the payment option you select. Use the interactive form hereto display the information relevant to you: 

If I choose to make a once-off manual payment, how long does it take for it to process?

If this payment was made by a Credit or Debit card, it should show within your account in 24 hours, and it should take effect straight away.


With bank transfer payments, this typically, should be credited to your AdWords account within two to three business days of initiating it, however it can take up to five business days. If after five business days you are not seeing your payment reflecting in the Billing Summary, follow the steps on this page.



Why was I charged more than once in a month?

If your account is on the Automatic Payments setting, you’ll be automatically charged after your ads run, either 30 days after or when you reach a preset amount (known as your threshold), whichever comes first. You can also make payments at any time to control your costs and when you're charged.


So, you could find yourself in the situation where you have reached the Threshold amount of spend (example $500) and you have a daily budget of $100 a day. This could mean that every five days, you reach the $500 threshold amount, and are therefore charged to your method of payment.


 Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 19.48.36.png


Unlike “traditional” services with a monthly fee, AdWords (while on Automatic Payments) will charge your method of payment every 30 days, or once you hit the threshold amount, whichever comes first. Read more about payments here.

How do I add a new form of payment?

Once signed into your AdWords Account, click the gear icon and select "Billing Preferences". Next to Billing and payment, click edit. Under Postpay billing, select the payment method that you wish to use, then hit Continue. Enter your payment method details Click Save changes.


Why should I have a back up form of Payment?

A backup credit card is a credit card kept on file to charge in case your primary credit card fails. If your primary credit card is ever declined, we'll try to charge your backup credit card so your ads keep running.


If you do not have a back up form of payment, and your only/primary form of payment fails, your ads will go offline. By simply having a second form of payment on your account, you’ll avoid the stress of this!.

I don’t understand the Billing Summary. Help!

The Billing Summary, is simply three columns: Debits, Credits and Balance.

  • The Debits column indicates any costs incurred that day for your Campaign Activity (clicks on ads) and/or taxes.
  • The Credits column indicates a payment applied to the account (by automatic payment, manual payment) and any promotional codes, or adjustments applied to your account.
  • The Balance column shows your account balance. Each line item is calculated by subtracting the amount in the Credits column from the amount in the Debits column. If you make payments to cover future costs, your balance will often be negative, indicated by parentheses. This means that your account has funds to draw from.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 19.22.30.png

Where is my Invoice?
Check out this Community Post on how to find your invoice. 


For any other questions relating to Payment Settings check out our Help Center here.



* Please remember that all of these details are subject to condition of the country of billing.


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Re: Billing FAQs

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Please note, that when you first start an AdWords account, you cannot select a payment schedule other than "Automatic." Additionally, There are dozens of hoops to jump through to turn off automatic payments, starting with adding a whole new payment method, which cannot be the same card you initially signed up with.

Google, it would be wonderful if you would adjust this behavior to allow switching one card or bank-account between automatic and manual, rather than requiring a degree in googology to make that change.

Re: Billing FAQs

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Got a question that wasn't answered? Post it here!

Re: Billing FAQs

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Hi KathleenG,

Thanks for your post. I am not clear on who sets the Threshold? can it be changes by an advertiser? if not, how do i know what my current threshold is?

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November 2015

Re: Billing FAQs

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Hi Kate,
Your billing threshold is initially set at $50 (or £50, €50, etc). Each time your account hits its threshold before the 30-day billing cycle has ended, your threshold increases, up to the highest threshold of $500. The billing thresholds your account could reach after the initial $50 are $200, $350, and $500. It cannot be set by an advertiser, and you can check what it is currently set to in your Billing section of your account.

Here is a great article explaining it in detail:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Re: Billing FAQs

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Hi Kathleen,
We have been billed an amount of 1,030 twice a month, on an ongoing basis under the following billing description:


Can you please advise what this amount is for?

Thank you

Re: Billing FAQs

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how much it cost per click on the ad.thanks

Re: Billing FAQs

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What if my adwrod didn't meet up with my set (figure) target. Will I still be billed the same monthly fee anyways?

Re: Billing FAQs

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You will set that yourself when setting up your adwords account

Billing FAQs

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How do I start a new topic here? I have been billed for the last year on an account that was started with a promotional code. I did not know google would or could escalate the charges. They went from $50 to $341! Crazy! Now my account is suspended, because I am not paying. Ironically I cannot communicate with Google by phone with a suspended account. I was just coming on this board to try to find a solution, but now I would like to start a new thread to see who would like to join me in a class action. This board is a little more complex than ones I have used before, and I don't see a start a new topic button. Can you help?