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Billing Down as of Sept 13, 2012 PROBLEM NO SOLUTION

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My business is seasonal and yesterday I opened my doors (advertising enabled) only to learn that I am NOT able to MAKE A PAYMENT.  The button goes right to an error page.  I called adwords and the rude tech told me "cars break down too".  My responce was I have a back ride idiot.  It does not seem that google has a back up to allow ads to run even if not money is in the account.  I would like to suggest Google consdier an "overdraft" system so that when a payment is not made manually Google has approval (in advance) to overdraft on a customer.  Heck you can even charge a high percentage like the banks do.  (You owe me roylatites on this idea).


So listen I get that $%i! happens but you are the biggest player out there and we rely on you to be up and running 100% all the time.  That means planning for the unexpected.  I mean really, Adwords is the Google flag ship and NO redundencies built in.  YOU ARE LOOSING MY REVENUE EVERYDAY YOU DO NOT TAKE MY MONEY!!!!  Oh and by the way I am loosing money too.  Honestly, loose loose situtaion is not befitting?  We can do better.  Build in a by pass that allow customers ads to run even if they have low balances.  Charge if you have too or waive the fee but get your customers up and running.  You are failing your customers on both ends if you do not.  


I still love you. 

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Re: Billing Down as of Sept 13, 2012 PROBLEM NO SOLUTION

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Hello. I had this issue as well, and so have others on this thread: Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

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