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Billing Breakdown - new user

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I am a new user, infact I haven't yet started a campaign. The way our company works is we get co-op from manufacturers for advertising. In other words, if we pay $500/mo for AdWords, the manufacturer of the product we are advertising will foot $250 of the bill.


The problem is that we have multiple products and would like to use AdWords with multiple manufacturers products. Obviously they will only pay for their portion.


Is there a way to break down the billing to show billing per campaign? Do they provide reports/billing that would easily be able to show the information that I've described I would need to show the manufacturers?



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Re: Billing Breakdown - new user

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Hi Travis,
Thanks for your question.
Yes you can do this. :)
1. Click on the Gear Icon and select Billing.
2. Go to Transaction history.
3. Click on the blue linkthat say daily campaign activity and it will bring up cost data by campaign.
4. From there you should be able to print. 
Here in more information about navigating your Billing. If you go to the bottom of the page, you'll see campaign activity. 
Hope that helps.

Re: Billing Breakdown - new user

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Hi there,

I did this - but the totals of the daily campaign activity don't equal the total I have on my payment receipt. I selected the date range from the last Payment to the current one, so I'm not sure why it's not resolving.

Payment Receipt = $100
Sum of daily campaign activity:
Campaign 1 = $10
Campaign 2 = $70

I need to be able to break down the makeup of the charge I received via my payment receipt. How can I do this?

Re: Billing Breakdown - new user

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