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Billed for a campaign that does not exist

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I'll keep it short. I'm being billed for a non-existant campaign. My billing tab is saying I'm getting views and clicks, and I have no campaigns. Here are the screenshots.


Here's my campaign page:

And here's my billing page:



I paid the initial payment because I have promoted a youtube video before and thought that I'd forgot to un-promote it. Lo and behold, I have no campaigns.


I'm pretty angry, and would like to get a refund for my initial payment, considering even the video I promoted did not get any more views after the first month that I MEANT to pay for, but I'm sure I'll have to call in for that.

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September 2015

Re: Billed for a campaign that does not exist

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Hi porpoisebrock,


unfortunately no one here has access to your account so can't really help you. Have you contacted the adwords support team to see what they have say to you?


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