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Bill calculation questions

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When I entered into my contact with Google on Ad Words Express - I agreed to spend $300 per month (my Budget) - then without my knowledge or consent my "Threshold" (a billing invention) was increased to $500 monthly. The customer (me) has no ability to control the "Threshold" - in the Billing Section of their Account. Its blocked displayed in grey and remains "fixed" by Google. To reduce the "Threshold" one must (or I had to) enter the "Chat" line and wait 1-hour for service.  The first operator (the responder from Google) refused to change the "Threshold" stating - "another team must first be consulted" - and "I will submit your request" - (Hillary W). Unsatisfied with the explanation - I again clicked on "Chat" waited 1-hour (10 in que) - and got to "Catlin" who agreed to changed the "Threshold" from the unauthorized $500 to $300 (where I had agreed).  Is this a false and fraudulent deceptive billing practice? What could be called unauthorized "Threshold Creep". Secondly, when my ad was suspended (since my bank authorizes withdrawals of $300 monthly) and the Google charges were greater than the limit - during the "suspension period of 4-months" - I was charges for "clicks". Unbelievable, to me, that Google would charge me for "clicks" not directly related to Google Search.  Where someone else clicks your ad (for any reason) Google takes credit for it and makes a charge.  Think of that, say you have a competing search engine, Bing or Yahoo and you are getting "clicks" from that source, Google includes those "Clicks" on your Account. I welcome other views on these issues.



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Re: Bill calculation questions

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Rich,


Regarding the other "clicks" that you were charged for un-related Google Search. Can you please clarify where the click occurred? For your reference, Google's search network is a group of Google powered search engines where your ads are eligible to appear. The Search Network includes Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, and Groups, as well as search partner sites like AOL. If the "clicks" occurred on one of these partner sites, this would explain why you were charged.