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Being charged money even though campaigns are paused

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Hi. I set up my adwords account like a week ago. The purpose of this account was to set the CTA buttons to my youtube videos. At first everything was great, set the button and pause the campaign but lately I've been getting charged money even though my campaigns are paused. This is ridiculous

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January 2017

Being charged money even though campaigns are paused

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting to the Community.


Since this is a public forum, we don't have access to your personal account; however, the scenario you're encountering sounds like you're being charged for the remaining balance on your account.


For instance, when you stop your ads from running—by canceling your account, pausing or removing your campaigns—the AdWords system can take several hours to halt your ads completely. At this point, you won't accrue any more costs.


In regards, you'll be billed for any unpaid advertising costs that accrued before your ads stopped running. Our system operates on a 30-day billing cycle, so you might not receive your final charges for several weeks.


To see whether you have any unpaid advertising costs, click the gear icon and choose Billing, then look at your current balance at the top of the page.


I hope this helps answer your question.