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Balance showing as 0.00

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Hi, I'm new to Adwords and very confused! I made a payment today of £10 but in the billing area, whilst it acknowledges I made a payment, it is showing my balance as 0.00? Can anyone tell me why?


My other query is regarding keywords. I can see that my ad has gone live because my analytics is showing visitors coming from the campaign. However, I have paid for only 2 keywords and they are 'French furniture' and 'antique French furniture' but I could see live that someone who had googled 'cheap nursery furniture' had clicked on my ad. Why is that? 



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Re: Balance showing as 0.00

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Hi Stokes,


1. Crediting payment to your account balance is often delayed. Just be patient, it sometimes takes a day or even more.


2. Only exact match keywords are the ones that only trigger the ad when the user keyes in the exact term. Other match types allow the search terms to trigger your ad even if it is not an exact copy of the keyword. Chances are that the keywords you listed are not exact match ones. Exact match keywords should be listed like these:


          [French furniture]

          [antique French furniture]


I'd also urge you to get familiar with keyword matching options.