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Balance not showing on home tab any more.

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On the home tab I used to be able to see my remaining prepay balance.

Now it's been redesigned and the balance has disappeared.


Is there a way of putting it back? 


It's only a click away on the Billing tab but it's really annoying.




Re: Balance not showing on home tab any more.

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Hi Rob


I've looked into this and I cannot see a way to put your remaining balance back on to the home page unfortunately. There is a link on the top of the home page that allows you ro 'customise modules' however, and you can add your own customised modules from there by creating saved filters on the campaigns tab. I'm including an information page about this as maybe you will find a way from there to get more of what you want to see displayed on your home tab -


but it seems that as for your remaining balance maybe you can set up an alert that will notify you via email when your balance is low, you can do this from the my account drop down and then select notification settings.


I hope this helps you, good luck! :-)


Best Regards