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BIlling Same Agency For Multiple Accounts

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Hey guys just wanted to check if its ok to use the same billing credentials for different accounts within an MCC account? So to clarify we are small agency that runs ads for a few different clients. We currently have our agency cards that have the same name and address setup as the billing for the different client accounts. We don't want to use consolidated billing just yet because of the structure of our business right now. Just want to make sure that this is ok. 

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Re: BIlling Same Agency For Multiple Accounts

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Hi @Daniel P you can use the same payment method for multiple Accounts, whether you should is another matter.  It's not really a good idea for you - the agency - to be responsible for outstanding AdWords payments, neither is it fully transparent to your customers if you're the one in control of the finances.  I'd always recommend that clients use their own payment methods and are made aware that they're responsible for monitoring those methods to ensure payment occurs.  You should bill clients separately for your services.



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