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Automatic Billing Updates

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We have had a couple of question recently about automatic updates to billing details in AdWords.  Ida, an AdWords Online Specialist would like to share some more information here Smiley Happy

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September 2015

Re: Automatic Billing Updates

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Over the past few years, Credit Card companies have instituted a service that automatically sends your updated credit card details to our billing team to update these details in your AdWords account. These details can include changes to your card number and its expiry date. Once the details have been received, your adwords charges will be billed to the new credit card moving forward.


Google has elected to enroll in this credit card service offering to ensure that the services you subscribe to continue without any extra interruptions. Below is a list of some of the Google Services that may be affected:


a) AdWords Accounts with Automatic Payments

b) Google Play Services

c) Google Music Subscriptions

d) Other Google Services


These services are called Visa Account Updater and Automatic Billing Updater, from Visa and Mastercard respectively. To read more about the specifics of the programs, please read more about Visa's and Mastercard's offerings. As a credit card holder, you are automatically entitled to this service offering. If you are not interested in this feature, please contact your Credit Card company to opt out of the program.


Hope this answer helps!