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Are Adwords recklessly suspended account? billing verification issue

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Dear all


As you may see in this billing discussions, they are thousand of hundred posts about account suspended with billing can not verified.


90% of them did not get fixed or clear answer.


My case too


I'm curious that what is verification process?  Because I am sure that my personal data will not disclosure to anyone who want to see it.  It's the every bank policy in this world.


I talk to my bank. This confirmation come from the chief of credit card department.


"Any bank in the world would not disclosure customer data. It's a policy of banking and laws."


That's right? How adwords staffs can tell this billing is true of false when they can not check it?

The obviously is we use this same credit card and billing data for another online payment with no problem!!

Ebay, paypal, godaddy, amazon...etc, never had any problems. This fact so many people will agree with me.  The only problem is adwords and I strongly believe this error come from adwords side.


How adwords verify this? Are they recklessly suspended customer account?

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Re: Are Adwords recklessly suspended account? billing verification is

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@Gerald; as said in the other post, no one on this community has access to your account. We can only help on billing issues by linking a form to be filled in, and submitted to a specialist;
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Are Adwords recklessly suspended account? billing verification is

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Dear MosheTLV
I known that anyone cann't access my account. Even I have a proof of adwords can charge my credit card several time that can confirm my billing is correct.
But adwords staff still not even look to it. And ignore all evidences.

This is a poor support. And so many people in this community suffered for a long time before I join adwords.