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Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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Been trying to process my account payment since last Friday and keep getting NSF error messages. I use prepaid VISA cards to pay the account which I purchase explicitly for use with AdWords. Called support who confirmed on Friday, they were having problems with their payment system and I will be notified when the issues are fixed. In the meantime, my business is off-line, my phone's not ringing and it won't start ringing, until they fix their 'payment' issue. Today I called again and got more of the same. The worst part is, the 'world-wide support' line doesn't hang up or pass me on to do the 'QA Survey' where I can at least, log my issues.


Anyone else getting the same?

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Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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Hi Al

Your best bet is to contact support via phone or live chat. We don't have access to billing information here on the community and support will be able to suggest a solution. I can confirm that there's no billing issues for us or our clients here so contacting support is the best way forward for you. 

Re: Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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Hey Dave, Thanks for the reply. Yes, all my support communication has been
over the phone with their 'world wide support team'. I only came to the
forum out of frustration. Still having issues. One week now and going into
another weekend, of no add running. Sigh. Not good for a business built
upon Google's search engine. Strange no one else is having the same issues.
I was under the impression, the issue was affecting others, too?
At-any-rate, IT's escalated the issue, whatever that means. In the
meantime, I've been learning about Rich Snippets, Schema and Microdata.
Also, logged-in a Bing account. So the positive is, I'm learning more.

Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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Yes, this has been a reoccurring issue for one of our clients as well. Have you tried just re-validating the existing payment method? I have seen cases where nothing is actually wrong, and you just have to click the button in the billing interface to get the payment method enabled again.


Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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Hey Tom, thanks for the reply. It's good to know this has been an issue for others, too. I have discussed my issues extensively with on-line support who just has kept saying for the last almost two weeks, they (Google) had a problem and they are working on it. Called in today after account shut down again, over the weekend. Today, the new foreign IT agent says, they've fixed their problem so now the problem is mine. This, coming from the people who've I've built a business model upon. The worst part is, there's no one else to call at Google. There's a google office here in Toronto but, I can't call it for support. The 'World Support' IT people were telling me, they can't even call them, it's all digital communication. Frustrated, I searched the Adwords on-line Business Community and discover something IT didn't seem to know anything about. According to my geographic location, I can add a debit payment method to the account and end all my problems. Except, when enter my account Billing Settings and follow the posted directions to adding the method, the option isn't there. [sigh] 

Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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I'm also having issues making a payment in the last week or so...

I go to the "Billing" section:

Then I click "MAKE A PAYMENT" or "PAY NOW" and it shows the loading icon for ever:


Since I'm a web developer I took a look in the console and it shows 2 erros when I click "MAKE A PAYMENT":


I've not thought about contacting Google (could be temporary) but as previously said in this thread this is affecting my business!!! I'm losing money because of this!

Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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I've just tried to make the payment using Firefox and it worked...

I'm using Google Chrome Version 58.0.3004.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

(the latest of the latest!)


It's a shame that I need to change browser to make a payment but I'm using the Chrome dev version... one of this days the dev version will be the normal version so I suggest you guys fix this or more people will have problems paying using Google Chrome...

Re: Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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What a journey, I've been on and pretty much on my own.

Of course, the Worldwide phone service was nice and friendly. However, in
my experience, the support reps either just didn't have the experience to
deal with my payment issue(s) or, it's wasn't in the book. As-well, they
probably don't have access to certain controls or processing information
related to their automated billing issues since, there was nothing they
could ever immediately do to resolve my issue without elevating the service
ticket to the next service tier agent. At-least that's what I was reading
between the lines.

At-any-rate, my automated payment issues are still on-going. In the am I
get a message from Google that my ad isn't running. I wait until the WWPS
center opens than I call in, log the service issue which they than
escalate. Than, typically a half to two thirds of the advertising day
passes before I get a message that the ad is showing again. The ad goes
back on-line only to be auto disabled the next morning. It's been a two
week thing and quite frankly, quite frustrating when you realize, there's
no one else to call and they're not passing you on to do the QA survey.
Going to bankrupt my business continuing on like this.

Technically, here's what I figured out:

There was and, still is an ongoing issue going on with their Cc
auto-payment system. Before I was reaching my '30 day/Payment Threshold'
their automated system was disabling the ad re, payment issues. It was like
trying to process charges that weren't due yet? So, I called, they elevated
the service ticket and eventually, sometime later, I would get a message
the ad was back on.

So I would log in to my Adword account, being proactive, I notice the
balance climbing and decided to make a payment. I had recently (last
payment) switched the account over, since it's a corporation from my
personal credit cards to prepaid cards the company purchases, just for it's
Google transactions. The prepay cards have a limit of $500.00 which isn't a
problem, if you're reloading the account.

So than, I decide, since I'm logged into my account, so-as to avoid the
approaching threshold limits, I'll make a payment. I select, make another
amount cell and enter $500.00 (the CC limit) and would get a notification,
the transaction is NSF. So than I call support and all they know, is, it's
coming up NSF on their end. They explain they are having issues with
automatic payment system and said they would elevate the ticket.

Enter the Google Worldwide Phone Support - Twilight Zone. The next morning
got a Google message, "Your Ad is now running on Google". Hooray! I checked
and indeed, the ad was back-on. While logged-in on Google, again, I'd login
and verify the balance of the prepaid CC, click back to the tab of my
Adword account and again, assuming the Google's technical auto-payment
issues were resolved, I'd again, try to make a $500 payment. While
processing the payment, again, a message popped-up, NSF. And this went on
for a week until eventually I got an email message from Google's Worldwide
phone service agent basically saying, the NSF issue is an issue you have to
sort out with your institution. It's your problem, not ours. So, I called
the institution and eventually reach an in-house service agent who very
quickly determines, every time I was making a payment, Google's automated
system was attaching 15-20% surcharge to the transaction, and
post-transacts the surcharges back to your CC in following transaction. So,
with the aid of the in-house QA agent on the line, I logged into my Adword
account and calculated a revised amount that the CC would support. The
agent confirmed the payment fixing 'that' problem.

The compounding original issue that was also affecting my account with
Google's automated system trying to transact payments before reaching the
account's threshold, is still ongoing. Quite frankly, I don't have the
stamina to deal with daily occurrence anymore. My bad for putting all my ad
apples in one Google basket. Back to print and maybe time to explored the
social media opportunities with what little's left of my ad budget.

Hope 'that' helps!

Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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The fact that Google, of all companies, has a broken system that doesn't let users add visa cards is pathetic. The developpers responsible for that should be publicly fired (not letting clients willingly give you money is a blasphemy in business). Today is february 28th, if I can't add my client's payment method before the end of the day, there will be a shitstorm.  

Anyone else having payment issues while paying with Credit Card?

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I am having the same issues, it's seems clear that Google has only fucking amateur developpers, if no one can fix this catastrophic issue. I will spam ALL Google forums, groups, partners groups, etc. This issue needs the community's attention.


I will also start a group called "Google VS Agencies", where people can share cases where Google steals their client to do "Free PPC" (medium quality, as the client still hired us to make sure Google does it's job, but they only did half-assed universal app install campaigns).