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Amount spent not matching amount earned for Promotional Code

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Hey everyone, quick question:


I have activated a Promotional Code for AdWords: spend $150 within 31 days and receive a $150 credit.


Looking at the total cost of my campaign so far -- on all of my AdWords reports, dashboard, etc. -- it says I have spent $65.40.


However, when I go to the Promotional Code tab, it tells me I have "earned $116.54" toward my credit.


Confused! Have I spent $65.40 or $116.54? If I've spent $65.40, shouldn't THAT be the amount I've earned toward my credit?


Note: no other campaigns of any kind are running -- just this one.


Appreciate your help - thanks!



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Amount spent not matching amount earned for Promotional Code

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Hi Sean,


I would go to the Billing & payment dashboard by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner to review. Make sure the data range is set for the start date of the account and then review the daily details to see what it shows for activities and charges. 


Also, the promotional code can predict activity for a little into the future. We have added them to accounts where day one would be $21 in clicks, day two would be $19 in clicks and then we would adjust and optimize settings and day three would be $39 in clicks and on day four it would say we have met the threshold (when we did not yet but the system can see that we will in another 48 hours). Another reason this can happen is reporting lag as there can be a slight delay in actually performance of the ads and the campaign dashboard. Usually the Billings & payments dashboard will be better in tune with performance. The only sure bet with total settlement of charges is for 2+ days behind. 


In your case, it could be that you have actually spent $116.54 and tomorrow it will show that. 


With regards to your promotional credit, the system will track your spending and when it surpasses the $150 it will credit your account $150 just the same as if you made it with your payment source. The only thing you need to track is to make sure you spend $150 before the time stated expires.


Kind Regards,



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